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The Top Tech Tools and Trends of 2019

‘Change is the only constant’, is a well-known saying. However, it does apply to life. In today’s world, you have to up-scale and educate yourself to technological advancement. This is the only way to keep in pace with the digital world. In this article, we have got you a list of ten trending technologies which is expected to make it big in the market.

  1. Robotic Process Automation– In any industry, there are several jobs that are repetitive in nature and can be automated. Robotic Process Automation allows you to automate repetitive and routine tasks.
  2. Big Data – Big Data are problems that are related to storing and processing different kinds of data. Companies today rely on big data analytics to understand their customer, conduct product research and marketing initiatives. Today, Hadoop and Spark are two of the most popular frameworks for solving Big Data problems.
  3. Intelligent Apps – Intelligent Apps or I-Apps are pieces of software written for devices based on machine learning technology and artificial intelligence. It aims at making everyday tasks easier and more efficient. These involve tasks like prioritizing emails, organizing, scheduling meetings etc.
  4. Internet of Things – Internet of Things has become a full-fledged technology in itself. It essentially connects several devices and creates a virtual network where everything can be controlled with a single monitoring centre. This includes refrigerator, mobile phones, washing machines etc.
  5. DevOps – DevOps is more a methodology than a technology. It is a methodology that is responsible for ensuring that both the operations and development go hand-in-hand.
  6. Angular and React – Angular and React are JavaScript based frameworks for the creation of web applications. Using Angular and React can result in highly modular web apps. This reduces the effort to go through a lot of changes in the code to introduce new features.
  7. Cloud Computing – Cloud Computing is an on-demand availability of resources, especially data storing and computing power without active management by the user. This is an important technology that simplifies computing needs.
  8. AR and VR – Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are twin technologies that let you experience things in virtual. Various companies, businesses and other institutions are using AR and VR technology to work more efficiently.
  9. Blockchain – Blockchain is the technology that powers or provides a platform for bitcoins and other forms of cryptocurrencies. Blockchain is a technology that has high potential in various social institutions.
  10. Artificial Intelligence – AI has existed for a very long time now but has become strong enough to sustain an entire technology by itself today. You can find AI everywhere, from smartphones and cars to banking establishments and healthcare institutions.

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